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Small A-Frame Roof

Gulf Gate offers pool screens, pool cages, lanai screens or patio porch installation and repairs.

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Screen for patios, pools and porches vary by size, which block certain bugs from entering your screened pool enclosure. Screen colors for your flavor and style matching your home with varying levels of privacy based on screen type you select.

Small A-Frame Roof

An A-Frame roof has two sloping sides that create a triangle. The A-frame roof compliments many homes in Sarasota, Florida because it shares the same roof design. This type of roof can stand alone to surround a pool or it can attach to an open patio that has a gable.

Every A-Frame Roof from Gulf Gate Rescreening is site specific. The roof is engineered to each geographical location as designated by the Florida Building Code.

We specialize in all forms of pool screens, pool cages, lanai screens. In addition, our team can rescreen your existing cage and we can also replace your cage or provide single panel screen repair and screen replacement. Whether you are in need of a new pool cage, front enclosure, composite roof panel, picture view panel, panoramic view, open view panel, 7″ super gutter, acrylic, slider windows or footer slab. Our team will talk with you to understand your vision. We will design and build the project to your exact specifications. Over the years, we have garnished a reputation as one of the best rescreening and new cage installation experts in Sarasota and Manatee County.

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High Quality Work at competitive prices

high quality work at competitive prices.

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